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Personalized Private Lessons - Guitar, Piano, & Vocal

All ages, all levels, most genres

Only songs you absolutely love

Theory only to your comfort level

Video notebook after every lesson

Highly personalized, totally comfortable, and nothing but fun. Rather than follow a regimented curriculum, I precisely tailor every lesson to the student’s interests, abilities, and level. We work together to choose song projects that match the student's genre preferences and skill. Music theory is covered on an as-needed basis, and therefore effortlessly absorbed. This keeps everything within the student's comfort range, and assures a fun and thoroughly rewarding experience. 
Guitar   I teach acoustic (steel and nylon), electric, and pedal steel; all my instruments are available for use during lessons.  
Keyboard   A gorgeous digital piano with weighted keys sits right next to the teaching area and is used often during guitar lessons to illustrate concepts. 
Pedal Steel   Both single and double
neck pedal steels sit within easy reach. 
Vocal   I have had formal vocal training and offer lessons in vocal technique, and how to sing and play at the same time.  

Multi-Instrument   Lessons can involve more than one type of instrument, or include both instrument and vocal instruction.

Age Range    Adults: all ages; kids: usually starting from age 8, which is the age when attention span, eye-hand coordination and hand strength come together. If the hands aren’t quite strong enough to do chords, we work on melodies. 

Genres   Folk, Folk Rock, Rock, Blues, Blues/Rock, Country, and some Jazz.... only songs you love. 

Skill Level   Just about any. We

can start from scratch, or pick up from the current level. 

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