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Al & Student: Secret Agent Man

Al's 10 year old shreds an instrumental lead cover of the Johnny Rivers classic "Secret Agent Man". (August, 2015)

Lead Guitar: Student
Rhythm Guitar: Al Cath
Instructor & Arranger: Al Cath
Student Age: 10
Student's Experience: 2 years

Al & Tommy Emmanuel: Dixie Maguire

Al Cath & Tommy Emmanuel play the Tommy Emmanuel/Chet Atkins duet version of Tommy's upbeat, gymnastic instrumental "Dixie Maguire" at guitar camp in Big Indian, NY. This arrangement is from the album "The Day The Finger Pickers Took Over The World. Al played Tommy's part; Tommy played Chet's part. (August, 2014)

Al & Band: Teach Your Children

Performed live at The Natick Center For The Arts (June, 2009). Al covers Jerry Garcia's legendary pedal steel part in this legendary 70's folk rock classic. Band line-up here is: 

- Al Cath: Pedal Steel Guitar 
- Sean Fullerton: Guitar & Lead Vocal
- Lori Diamond: Backup Vocal
- Fred Abatelli: Bass and Vocal

Al: Secret O' Live (James Taylor)

This song explains (as accurately as any other I've heard) the secret of life - as determined by brilliant songwriter/lyricist (and my single greatest musical inspiration) James Taylor. Who would know better?

The Al Cath Band: Desperado

Featuring Al on Sho-Bud LDG pedal steel & Gina Praino on vocals, live at The Center for the Arts in Natick 8-16-13). Band lineup: 
- Al Cath, guitars, vocals
- Gina Praino, acoustic guitar, vocals
- Jackie Damsky, fiddle, vocals
- Bill Heinz, keyboards, vocals
- Bob Calla, bass guitar
- Ron Reid, percussion

Original Composition: "Life Is Good"

Al plays his original composition "Life Is Good" at a fundraising concert for the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden* (Chelmsford, MA, March, 2012). The concert was given to honor the life of Al's wife Sue Cath, taken by breast cancer in June of 2011.

* Virginia Thurston Healing Garden is a unique non-profit facility in Harvard, MA providing invaluable services including support groups to breast cancer patients at all 4 stages. Al's wife Sue loved the Healing Garden and benefited by it tremendously.

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